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Art and Design Fundamentals

The Art and Design Fundamentals program nurtures your artistic talents, and develops your creative, practical and entrepreneurial skills in visual art and design — whatever your level of expertise.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 1 year
Starting in: January, May, September
Tuition Fee: $15,385
Location: Pickering, Canada

The studio-based, hands-on curriculum of the Art and Design Fundamentals courses is taught by practicing artists and designers who help you to develop traditional, digital and multimedia skills. The program’s goal is to help you prepare a successful portfolio of artwork required for admission to specialized programs and to open up new possibilities and career choices in the diverse visual arts industry.

In this art program, you:

  • Get hands-on exposure to drawing, design, colour, 3D modelling and design, visual culture, video making, digital illustration, photography and rapid prototyping.
  • Build a comprehensive portfolio of artwork while working one-on-one with faculty.

Once you complete the program, you will be prepared to succeed in a variety of post-secondary communication arts and design diploma and degree areas, including animation, game arts, digital visual effects, product design, industrial design, architecture, interior design, fashion design, illustration, graphic design, digital media art, art direction, art management, creative advertising and fine arts.

Program Highlights

  • Leading practicing artists, designers and educators have crafted the Art and Design Fundamentals program at Centennial College.
  • Small class sizes and a dynamic working relationship between faculty and students allows for lots of one-on-one instruction and feedback.
  • The Portfolio Development course sees you work on self-directed projects that focus your future career, with individual guidance from instructors.
  • The Professional Practice course offers client-based community projects that emphasize experiential learning and allow you to develop your entrepreneurial skills.
  • Throughout the Collaboration Studio Course, you have the opportunity to work on collaborative projects with other students at the Story Arts Centre to gain real-world experience.
  • Artists and professionals who need to improve or update their skills in art, design and digital multimedia are offered a flexible curriculum, if class size allows.
  • Faculty members help each student individually to take the next step in their career path.

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“A good opportunity to be a member of the research team to conduct research for reputed institutions like University of Toronto and Centennial College. Gained a lot a new knowledge and hands-on experience in conducting research. Learned sampling techniques and different data analysis methods.”

Sushil Anu // Performance of Existing Oil-Grit Separators (Stormceptor) and Development a New Generation of Urban Sediment-Contaminant Separators

Career Prospects

Career Outlook

  • Animator
  • Game artist
  • Digital visual effects artist
  • Product designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Interior designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic designer
  • Digital media artist
  • Art director
  • Arts manager
  • Fine artist

Further Education

Upon successful completion of the Art and Design Fundamentals program with a B (70%) average you will be eligible for direct transfer to the following programs within Centennial College’s School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design at the Story Arts Centre:

  • Graphic Design
  • Fine Arts Studio

Areas of Employment

An Art and Design Fundamentals education offers the blend of skills used in diverse visual arts industry careers, including:

  • Animation
  • Game arts
  • Digital visual effects
  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Interior design
  • Architecture
  • Fashion design
  • Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Digital media art
  • Art direction
  • Arts management
  • Creative advertising
  • Fine arts

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