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Digital Visual Effects

The Digital Visual Effects program is the only two-year college diploma offering of its kind in Ontario. Facilitated at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre, it provides you with the opportunity to learn the industry-standard techniques required to produce the photo-realistic visual effects seen in films that would be impossible to capture with a live-action camera.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 2 years
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: $15,693
Location: Pickering, Canada

In this diploma program’s courses, you learn to work with the various aspects of the filmmaking process and bring them together into a seamless final product, while also developing your skills in industry-standard software. The Digital Visual Effects program at Centennial College focuses on the core skills needed to make you employable in the VFX industry and gives you the ability to explain how visual effects contribute to the entire process of storytelling in motion pictures.

You channel your efforts into demonstrating these concepts and core skills through a unique final project, for which you produce a demo reel suitable for job application in the visual effects field.

Program Highlights

  • You’ll learn the image processing, editing, lighting, rendering, matte painting, set extension, compositing and post-VFX techniques employers are looking for.
  • You’ll produce a marketable demo and self-promotional package during the program suitable for the VFX industry.
  • A field placement in the final semester will provide a valuable opportunity to work in the real world.
  • The Story Arts Centre, where you’ll attend Digital Visual Effects courses, is located close to Toronto’s downtown core and the major VFX studios. It also houses labs equipped with the latest tools and industry-standard software, to which you’ll have access.
  • Opportunities will exist at the Story Arts Centre to collaborate with students in digital animation, game design, photography, broadcasting, music, art, and theatre programs. These unique collaborations will allow you to network, learn and work with industry professionals.
  • The program’s practical, hands-on and entrepreneurial approach will prepare you for a sustainable VFX-related career.

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“A good opportunity to be a member of the research team to conduct research for reputed institutions like University of Toronto and Centennial College. Gained a lot a new knowledge and hands-on experience in conducting research. Learned sampling techniques and different data analysis methods.”

Sushil Anu // Performance of Existing Oil-Grit Separators (Stormceptor) and Development a New Generation of Urban Sediment-Contaminant Separators

Career Prospects

Career Outlook

  • Lighter
  • Look development artist
  • Matte painter
  • Compositor

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