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The Business School


Advanced Business Management – Alcoholic Beverages



Business – International Business

Business – Supply Chain and Operations

Business – Marketing

Business Accounting

Business Administration – Leadership and Management (Optional Co-op)

Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (Optional Co-op)

Business Administration – Accounting (3 Semesters)

Business Administration – Accounting (Optional Co-op)

Business Administration – Finance (Optional Co-op)

Business Administration – Human Resources (Optional Co-op)

Business Administration – International Business (Optional Co-op)

Business Administration – Marketing (Optional Co-op)

Business Analytics and Insights – Canadian Context

Business Foundations

Court Support Services

Fashion Business and Management

Financial Planning

Financial Services

Global Business Management

Human Resources Management

Insurance Management

International Business Management

International Business Management – Transnational

International Development

Law Clerk

Marketing – Corporate Account Management

Marketing – Digital Engagement Strategy

Marketing – Research and Analytics

Marketing Management

Office Administration – Executive

Office Administration – General

Office Administration – Health Services

Office Administration – Legal


Paralegal – Court and Tribunal Agent

Pre-Business (Business Studies)

Project Management

Project Management (Pickering Learning Site)

Strategic Management

Strategic Management – Accounting

Supply Chain Management – Logistics