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News: Suzhou Centennial College Launches Online Learning

In cooperation with the Academic Excellence Unit at Centennial College, Suzhou Centennial College (SCC) launched an accelerated transition to online learning for the current semester. While the Chinese Ministry of Education has postponed the reopening of schools in China, SCC students have continued their learning since the first day of virtual classes on February 24.

Centennial College Deans, Chairs, and faculty have ensured digital access to all curriculum needed to ensure continuity in Centennial’s academic programs offered in China. SCC students and faculty are teaching and learning from home, with access to eCentennial online course materials and e-textbooks. Suzhou Centennial College is using Tencent, a popular video conferencing tool, for synchronous teaching and the E-learning portal, SuperStar, for classes, assignments, tests, group chats, and for building community and student engagement.

SCC has also introduced additional student services during this time, such as a counseling hotline and a student WeChat group responding to inquiries 24 hours per day.

The online semester is in full swing, with an attendance rate of over 90%! “I have a very close connection with my teachers and classmates in the online class. My teachers try hard to inspire students to learn. We can ask questions any time during the class and get feedback and instructions from the teacher right away,” says SCC student Runhan Wang of the online learning experience.

“The students in my class are highly engaged in online learning. Thanks to our small class teaching mode, even for online courses, the interaction between faculty and students is relatively frequent, and most students are highly motivated,” explains a faculty member.

The blended learning environment facilitates a variety of quality-learning experiences:

  • Faculty deliver face-to-face lectures via live video, incorporating pre-recorded video, PowerPoint, screen sharing, and tools to manage interactive activities.
  • Faculty call on students for problem-solving and feedback in “hand-up mode” and moderate class discussions using the Tencent classroom and Tencent conference.
  • Faculty share online course materials, create, and grade homework assignments.
  • Designed specifically for college education, the cloud platform allows students to ask questions in real-time, complete practical exercises, assignments, and online tests.

The first week of online learning has received a positive response from students! “Our college attaches great importance to online courses. Every class is conducted effectively. During this special period, online courses help us arrange our time well and will not delay our course progress. As long as we follow the teachers’ instruction, study hard, and carefully reflect on the material after class, we can achieve our future plan and expectations,” says student Yuchao Guo.

SCC students help strengthen our online academic community by completing teaching evaluations and peer evaluations after each class: students’ satisfaction has reached 89.5%. There are 176 courses are being taught online with total 1745 students and 95 faculty engaged.

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It was my dream to come to Canada, and Suzhou Centennial College gave me this opportunity to achieve my goal. Half a year there was a very good transition for me because there are many international students there and you can make friends with people from all over the world. Suzhou is similar to Toronto in that way, it’s a very multicultural city.

My SCC experience was wonderful! The English Language Learning program and the after school international experience is very hard to get in China. I wish I knew about Suzhou Centennial College sooner!

Ziang Geng // Aviation Technician- Avionics Maintenance

Study plans interrupted? Start your program online in June 2020!

Finish your studies on campus in Suzhou, China or Toronto, Canada

If you’re unable to travel abroad at this time, Suzhou Centennial College offers you an opportunity to start your study abroad plan online. Students can begin their studies through SCC’s new online program offerings and apply to transfer to study the next semester or year at Centennial College in Toronto once the travel restrictions have lifted.

Start your program online this spring! Program options starting in June 2020:

  • English Language Learning
  • Business Foundations
  • Technology Foundations

You can also apply now for September 2020 programs:

  • English Language Learning (1-3 semesters)
  • Business Foundations (1 year / 2 semesters)
  • Hospitality Foundations (1 year / 2 semesters)
  • Technology Foundations (1 year / 2 semesters)
  • Business – Accounting (2 years / 4 semesters)
  • Financial Services (2 years / 4 semesters)
  • Business – International Business (2 years / 4 semesters)
  • Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management (2 years / 4 semesters)
  • Software Engineering Technician (2 years / 4 semesters)
  • Architectural Technician (2 years / 4 semesters)

Contact suzhou@centennialcollege.ca to apply now!

Start your Pathway to Canada at Suzhou Centennial College!

Suzhou Centennial College is the first Canadian college nationally approved to operate in China by the Chinese Ministry of Education. All SCC programs meet strict educational standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. This standardized programming provides excellent opportunities for students to transfer credits obtained at SCC to Centennial College in Toronto or another Ontario college that offers the same program.

Established articulation agreements with universities in Canada offer Suzhou Centennial College graduates pathways into degree programs (BBA, BSc, BCom). Academic partners include York University and the University of Guelph-Humber in Ontario, Athabasca University in Alberta, Vancouver Island University and Royal Roads University in British Columbia.
Pathways are subject to meeting admissions requirements of Centennial and partner institutions with required grades upon completion of Centennial programs.

Success Stories: Suzhou Centennial College Pathways

International students that studied English Language Learning (ELL), Foundations, and Diploma programs at our learning site in China have successfully continued their studies at Centennial campuses in Toronto, Canada. Studying at SCC has helped students pursue pathways into programs such as Financial Services, Early Childhood Education, Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, International Business, Aviation, and Motive Power Technician.

English Preparation and Visa Support

“SCC helped me in writing a letter of recommendation to the immigration office to help me get my visa, and Centennial College’s ELL program helped me to come to Canada. The Centennial College ELL program offers the best English learning classes I have ever taken.” – Jiacheng Li, International Business student at Centennial College

“Suzhou Centennial College uses the same course plan as Centennial College in Canada. By studying at SCC, I improved my English and applied for a Visa at the same time. Now I am studying Electronics Engineering Technology at Centennial College in Canada. I already love it!” – Kirin Chan, English Language Learning, SCC Graduate.

“I didn’t think I could go abroad to study because of my age and my IELTS score, but SCC solved these problems for me. Firstly, the English teacher helped me improve my English score. Then with the visa assistance letter from SCC and the ELL level 4 language certificate, I got my visa!” – Ziang Geng, Aviation Technician- Avionics Maintenance student at Centennial College.

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